Web hosting you can trust

Has your hosting company let you down? Forget about taking chances with cheap and nasty hosting companies. Get proper peace of mind at a great price!

I spent years being let down by hosting companies run by inexperienced, poorly resourced amateurs. This led to sites being continuously hacked, servers crashing, and company owners disappearing. These were hard lessons learned.

I switched and so should you.

Switch to a quality hosting company running well maintained, secure servers and 2 tier tech support run by experts. It’s also environmentally friendly as an added bonus.

Rain spider web projects is both a proud affiliate and also a proud re-seller of Greengeeks hosting.

We offer two phenomenal hosting options:

Option 1: Direct sign-up with Greengeeks.

Option 2: Sign up via Rain spider web projects.

Sign up directly with GreenGeeks yourself via our affiliate link here. You won’t be sorry. The product and service is incredible with 24 hour tech support.

(Full disclosure, we do make a small commission if you sign up)

Let me add you to my re-seller account for only R1200 a year.

First-class tech support during office hours via WhatsApp and the same great hosting as if you went directly with Greengeeks.

Contact us now via our contact form and request hosting.

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