Web designer in Johannesburg

Hi, I am Jonathan A.

I’m obsessed with selling things online and I’ve been doing it for a long time. I’ve sold everything from digital affiliate products to Wendy houses. I believe that eCommerce is finally starting to mature and it is breaking down the traditional barriers to doing business. Dreams can now literally come true.

I started building websites more than 10 years ago because I wanted to build a company website for our family business. It was honestly a horrible looking site but it improved as I got more skilled.

The process lit a fire in me that has continued to grow with each new project. At this point I can’t remember how many websites I’ve built. I like to think that I have improved a little with each one.

There is something exhilarating about taking something etherial, that exists only in your imagination and bringing it to life.

I get excited with my clients when I see their enthusiasm grow as the web project progresses. It’s hugely fulfilling when the end result produces a happy client and that is exactly what I strive for with each website that I build.

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